I worked with Anne and the team to support the delivery of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games from 2012 through to successful delivery in 2014. Anne provided a range of support services during this time, mainly in the volume campaigns that we ran. The DRS team worked closely with us providing professional independent assessors to coach and guide the hiring managers through the selection process for each of their areas. Their support and objectivity were invaluable, ensuring that many of our international colleagues were guided through UK employment legislation whilst ensuring that, most importantly, they made informed hiring decisions.
The team spent time getting to know each of the niche functions, but not only what they did, getting to really know and understand the people who managed and ran these functions.
I highly recommend Anne and the DRS team, who supported the successful delivery of all hiring requirements across a diverse range of job roles. Their On Demand recruitment solutions are unique and can help whether you are running a project or managing ad-hoc recruitment.