Assessment Centre

Take a closer look at your candidates and find the perfect fit for your business.

Designing and delivering the ideal assessment

You might have a perfect understanding of your ideal candidate, but finding them demands proper evaluation. We design and deliver assessment centres to identify the perfect fit for your business and your vacancy.

Like everything we do, it starts with getting to know you. Once we understand your needs, culture and environment, we design an assessment centre to match. That way, it won’t just evaluate their abilities, but their personal fit too.

Our team of qualified assessors can then manage the process. We’ll handle every detail, from looking after logistics to ensuring that the process is consistent, legal and candidate-focused. At the end of the process, we’ll not only give you our selections, but we’ll also give detailed feedback for candidates that didn’t make the cut.

Whether you need us to design a centre for you to manage, or run with any assessment materials you already have, we’re completely flexible. All you need to do is ask.

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Equipped for anything

Whatever your organisation, whatever your needs, we have the tools and techniques to deliver:

  • Role Plays
  • Group Exercises
  • Competency-Based interviewing
  • Values-Based interviewing
  • Written Exercises
  • In-tray Exercises
  • Analysis Presentations
  • Personality Questionnaires
  • Ability Testing, including Numerical, Verbal, Critical Thinking